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Content Marketing: What to Say About Your GOAT?

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Gene Fowler, an American writer once said, “Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” Unlike novel writing, content marketing does not require a blood sacrifice. All you have to do is attempt to answer for your potential buyers the reasons they should buy your goat. The more you know who they are, the more relevant and useful your answer will be.

In order to understand your potential buyers, you must think of them as three dimensional people. They come in so many beautiful colors – each with real concerns and aspirations. To practice that thinking, we’ll continue with our three imaginary buyers: Nancy, John, and Tiberius.


Make the content relevant by using these guidelines:

  1. Connect your goat with what’s important to your potential buyer
    For content to be relevant it has to be meaningful. For it to be meaningful, it has to make the reader feel an emotion. Think about what you care about. What makes you smile, cry, laugh, or pump your fist in the air? Is it your family, your dog or cat, your friends? Is it the idea of living a heathy lifestyle or finding the perfect cup of coffee? Learn what’s important to your buyer and connect it in an organic way to your goat. For Nancy, having milk free of pesticides for her children is important to her. Tell her a goat will give her that and she will listen.
  2. Start with their interest
    A person’s interest can say a lot about them. An avid traveler can mean someone who has disposable income, likes to explore, and enjoys different experiences. Loving to hike on weekends can mean the person is health conscious, athletic, or cares about the environment. Yes, these are assumptions, but they’re also jumpstart points to a conversation. Tiberius likes to dress up as Thor at comic conventions. Imagine the cool points you’d get if you mention to him that Tanngrisnirand Tanngnjóstr are the goats who pull Thor’s chariot in Norse mythology. Then you can transition that conversation to you having goats for sale.
  3. Make it personal
    What you will say to John and Tiberius, career goat farmers, should be different from the way you speak to Nancy, an aspiring goat owner who does computer programming for a living. A seasoned goat farmer doesn’t need to know everything about goat rearing. He or she already knows it. If you try to tell them what they already know, you’ll waste the precious advertising space that could be for something more useful to them. However, a newbie, especially someone like Nancy who likes to do extensive research, would need more information to make an educated decision. Goat ownership is a big commitment and you may need to hold her hand through the process.


Make the content useful with these simple steps:

  1. Tell them what they don’t know
    Nancy lives in the city. Why does that matter? City dwellers have a different set of challenges than those living in the country. There is zoning ordinance which will affect whether they can even have goats in their backyard. Nancy doesn’t know this because she has never had a goat before. Mentioning this piece of important information when selling your goat to Nancy will give you more credibility in her eyes. Plus, it would reduce the amount of returns on your goats.
  2. Confirm what they already know
    Farmers know that goats make great watch animal. They will bleat at anything that passes by your house and will alert you of any intruders. You can give an example to affirm that they’re an all-around great animal to have.
  3. Provide insight into a topic
    You can talk about the process in making goat cheese. How to shear goats for wool. Vegetables that do not make your goat bloat. Whatever you have extensive knowledge of, share it.

The best marketing content give reasons for purchase in a relevant and useful way. The more you can understand your potential buyers, the more you can speak to them in a personal manner, establishing your business as the brand they like and trust.


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