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You have a product you want to market. But you don’t know where to start. You need to create a voice, a feel, a look around your product that will captivate your audience. This voice, feel, and look is your product’s Brand.

Your brand is not just the colors or symbols you use, it’s your personality and the collective experience of your product or service over all. It’s how the people you want to attract will know you’re the one they’re looking for when they want to buy your goat.

A strong brand will give you a huge advantage over other goat sellers. Your community of goat enthusiasts will recognize you and remember to tell their friends about you – their ideal goat seller.

Don’t worry, branding your business is not as painful as it sounds.

Here are 5 Steps to Create the Perfect Brand for Your Business:

  1. Market research: Who are your competitors?
    You will need to understand your competitors in order to gauge how you are different from them. What group of goat buyers do you want to attract? Farmer Joe’s Goats down the road sells a lot of goats very cheaply. They also feed them the cheapest food and don’t pay a lot of attention to them. The Premier Goat Farm is in the ritziest county in the state. Their goats are pampered and there are fancy gold-plated handles on the barn doors. How is your goat farm different from those of your competitors?
  2. Determine your vision: How will you create value?
    What matters most to your company? How will you create the best value for the goat buyers you want to attract? Maybe your vision is: “To raise healthy, happy, reasonably-priced goats that make great companions and provide fresh milk to families.”
  3. Determine your look, voice, and tone: How do you want your community to feel when they think of you?
    Maybe you want your goat buyers to get a friendly, down-to-earth, easy-going feeling when they think of you. The words and phrasing you choose in your messages and advertising, the colors and styles you use, should all be consistent. A potential goat buyer will not necessarily remember exactly what you said, but if you brand yourself well, they will instantly recall how you made them feel.
  4. Define your brand’s standards: Do you have a guide or samples you can easily distribute?
    Once your brand is determined, make sure all brand standards are documented in one place for easy reference. Nothing about your brand should be a secret, especially to the people who are helping you advertise. If the Goat Farmers Association wants to write and publish an article about you, give them access to everything from approved photos of your goats to samples of your logo and advertising. Make it easy for them to understand your brand.
  5. Brand compliance: Stay vigilant!
    Take pride in your brand and uphold its integrity. Make sure that everyone you hire or any affiliate you work with — anyone who touches your brand — knows your mission and how your brand should feel. Teach them how to talk to your customers. If your local market wants to run an ad that includes your goat farm as a source of the cheese they sell, ask to approve the ad before it runs. Did they use the logo correctly? Is the copy in the right tone and formatted neatly?

Defining your brand should be a focused effort. Once the brand is defined, ensure it is used in a cohesive manner.  Your goat’s consistent voice, look, and feel will establish you in the market place.

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