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Target Population: Who Wants to Buy Your GOAT?

Target Population blog How to Market Your Goat
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You have a goat to sell but you don’t know who to sell it to. You may also be thinking “I want to sell to everyone!” Both are serious marketing challenges. Why? There are 7.6 billion people in the world speaking 7,000 languages. That’s a lot of ways to say goat. How will you choose your audience, or your target population?

If you’re trying to target everyone, it would:

  • be extremely expensive
  • make your message convoluted and vanilla
  • be rather silly.   Don’t be silly…

In marketing, the purpose of defining your target population is so you wouldn’t make the mistake of throwing your hard-earned marketing budget to the wind and hoping it lands on someone’s windshield. Your goat needs a buyer but not every buyer needs a goat. Spend your money toward someone more likely to buy or might as well feed it to your goat.

The 3 main steps to define your target are:

  1. Know your goat
    What’s special about your goat? Is she affectionate? Gives lots of milk? Is a good mom? The more you know about your goat the better you can match her to someone who would love her just as she is.
  2. Determine your budget
    This will allow you to develop a marketing plan that fits the budget. Then, if it’s zero, look at social media, word of mouth, and free online buying/selling sites.
  3. Who will buy my goat?
    Close your eyes and imagine three potential buyers (try not to think of them naked). Now, give your target population names so you can train yourself to see these imaginary people as flesh and blood. I’m going with Nancy, John, and Tiberius.

Here are some qualifying questions to help you figure out your target population:

  • Who are my buyers?
    • Nancy is a mom of three who lives in the city. She does computer programming for a living, likes to do extensive research, and aspires to be a goat farmer
    • John is a retired sales executive who is living his dream as a goat farmer. He lives in the country with a wife and two large dogs
    • Tiberius has been goat farming ever since he was a child. In his spare time, he loves to travel and enjoys craft beer
  • Do you want a goat? Or maybe think of having one down the road?
    A very important question. If they answer is ‘no way’, move along.
  • If you want a goat, why?
    Everyone has a motivation – the reason they do what they do:
    • Nancy may want to have fresh milk for her kids because she’s concerned about the hormones and pesticides in mass produced milk
    • On the other hand, Tiberius wants a friendly goat to add to his harmonious herd And John… 
    • Well, John is in a pickle. His prized mama goat is retiring and he’s in need of a new and shiny matriarch
  • Where do you live?
    If it’s important that your buyers see your goat before making the purchase, then target your population within a 20-mile radius of your farm as opposed to 100. It will cost less and attract locals who don’t have to travel too far. This is especially important if the idea of shipping your goat in a container gives you heartburn.
  • Can you afford my goat?
    Your goat has a price. That price is determined by you. You also need to know whether the person who wants your goat can afford not only to buy her but also her food, shelter, veterinary bill, and everything else a goat needs. Therefore, find out their income level and whether that matches what you think a person needs to afford a goat lifestyle.
  • What are your interests outside of goat rearing, aka what do you do for fun?
    A person’s interest can say a lot about them. An avid traveler can mean someone who has disposable income, likes to explore, and enjoys different experiences. Loving to hike on weekends can mean the person is health conscious, athletic, or cares about the environment. Someone who likes to dress up as Thor at a comic convention may be passionate, a little quirky, and is committed to a vision. Yes, these are assumptions, but that’s the nature of people study. The more you can visualize your potential buyer, the more you can try to understand their behavior and motivation.

There are so many more questions you can attempt to answer about your potential buyers – age, education level, occupation, whether they have kids or animals, the last time they purchased a goat etc. Your goat may not and cannot be for everyone, but if it is the best solution for someone, that is who you want to market to.

Let us help you:

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