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Marketing Your GOAT 101: An Introduction

General Marketing How to Market Your Goat
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You have a great product or service.  It’s your GOAT – your greatest of all time widget. Now you want to sell your goat, but you don’t know how to go about it. Well, you need marketing.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the other side of the coin of selling. Here’s a really simple way to understand the differences between selling and marketing: 

Selling = buy my goat

Marketing = the reasons why you should buy my goat

Selling focuses on the product and marketing links the product to a brand to give consumers a reason to purchase.  However, great marketing makes selling your goat a lot easier.

Here are the 6 basic steps to successfully market your goat:

  1. Advertise: Tell people you have a goat to sell
    People won’t assume that you’re willing to part with your goat. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to offer to buy someone’s goat when it’s actually a beloved pet? Therefore, you should advertise that you’ve got a goat for sale.
  2. Brand:  Describe your goat
    Are there other goats like it? Are there other farmers selling similar goats? How is your goat better? What is special about it? Maybe it has extra soft fur of pure white or is an especially affectionate goat. And, this is how you differentiate your goat from the herd.
  3. Pricing:  How much is the goat?
    This will help people decide whether your customers can afford it and whether it is a good value.  If your goat is twice the cost of your competitors’ goats, it will be harder to sell than if the price were comparable.  As a result, you need to do market research in order to determine optimal pricing for your goat.
  4. Target:  Establish who would want to buy your goat
    Farmers looking for a goat would be your best bet for your buyer.  Perhaps farmers who want to have an animal that produces milk and is low maintenance. But, don’t be afraid to be creative when thinking about your buyer. A city dweller looking to keep her blackberry bush under control could also be a good match. So, establish your target market.
  5. Communication Channel:  Where do goat buyers hang out?
    Farmers usually spend most of their time at their farms tending to their animals. But they also need to buy animal feed at the farm store and sell their produce at the local market. At the end of the day, they may want to relax at the local microbrewery. If you want to sell your goat, these would be good places for you to hang out in search of a buyer. But don’t just show up at their farms – that would be weird. So, send a letter or e-mail. Nonetheless, you should determine where your audience is and how to reach them before you start talking with them.
  6. Marketing:  Tell your potential buyers why they should buy from you and not the goat farmer down the road
    You are the best person to purchase a goat from because you are kind to your goat. Your goat is happy and healthy because you feed it fresh vegetables and give it daily walks and ear rubs. That’s what makes the milk from your goat extra sweet and special.  However, the farmer down the road doesn’t take care of his goats this way.  While you know this well, never badmouth your competitor – it rarely works.  Instead, focus on your best features and differentiate your brand in the marketplace.

Marketing is all about how you communicate and connect with your potential customers.  How does your product make them feel?  Is it a happy, comfortable, trustworthy feeling?  Does the way you communicate with them bring them to your farm?  These and many more steps should be part of your Marketing Plan.


Don’t have a Marketing Plan?  Then let us help you:

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